Today, the international trade should achieve the buyer to have the product that he acquired appropriately and for it not alone it is necessary the delivery of the same one in the agreed point but rather also, the reception in the deposits final, previous execution of the formalities of customs should be effective (in the best way) and efficient (smaller cost).

We have a highly qualified interdisciplinary facility, since we understand that as much as better it is known the operative one and the regulatory legal mark, adults are the possibilities to sum up profitable business.



Trade Baires International S.A. was established in 1990 with the objective of begining a new era, a progressive and different way of operating in Argentine International Trade. Its founders contribute with a wide experience of about 30 years in the international trade field.

At the moment, the organization has a qualified staff of professionals that covers all the operative needs at its headquarters in the City of Buenos Aires , at Ezeiza Airport., at the Port of Buenos Aires , and in its branches in Mar del Plata and Necochea. It also has agents in La Plata Free Zone, Paso de los Libres, Mendoza, Cordoba, Bahia Blanca and Bariloche.

In a competitive and globalized world, the modern entrepreneur requires from his advisors a thorough research to find the best solution to his international trade matters, and that they recur to the most suitable thechniques to optimize his resources and maximize his business. The present dynamics in international trade trends aims at the obtention of a greater integration in the logistics chain, consequently leading Trade Baires International S.A. to add new services, among them, a joint venture with the free zone of Colonia Suiza S.A., Uruguay, the biggest private free zone in the Mercosur, which allows to offer a service unique in its excellence.

In order to support the exporters' actions,Rolex Replica Watches Trade Baires International S.A., has its own offices in the City of Miami, where it proceeds to the clearance of merchandise and also offers logistics and delivery services within the United States and towards Central America and the Caribbean.

The majority of our customers remain with us throughout the years, which shows their satisfaction with the professional qualiffications of our company: our clientes make more profitable and a larger amount of business at a greater cost-benefit ratio.

Consequently, we are in a position to state that Trade Baires International S.A. stands out in its leadership in the commercial chain integration preocesses and in international logistics.

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