Customs Clearances

Our company is legally authorized before the Argentine Customs Authorities to introduce, arrange and obtain the customs destinations.

We have one of the most qualified and professional staffs, lecturers and publicists, acknowledged by their academic reputation, which allows for a high standard of proficiency in the customs operation.

We have great experience in the handling of the most diverse range of merchandises. We offer full service in the following operations:

• Customs Clearances (Imports and Exports)
• Temporary Imports
• Temporary Exports
• Imports and Exports Transit
• Samples pickup and shipment.
• Imports and Exports Express
• Bills of Loading./ Loading Certificate/ Permiso de Rancho/ Supplies Certificate/Permit
• Drawback Arrangements

Besides, chopard replica chopard replica we prepare the export documents required by the buyer, phytosanitary certificates, consular visas, pre shipment and documentary controls, etc. We represent our customers before the argentine sanitary institutions, being our company registered as importer and exporter of restricted products.

Furthermore, we offer the services of customs clearances in the main places of the word, due to agreements subscribed with companies settled in those areas. We can consequently, offer an overall counseling in customs matters in a wide range of countries, which makes it possible to know beforehand the costs operations.


Banking services

We are familiarized with the operation of Letter of Credit (Brochure 500 ICC) which allows the reduction of the negotiation times and completely eliminates any disagreements.

We prepare all the exportation documents and we revise all the Collection Documents and Orders of Payment, both in importation and exportation operations.

At our clients’ request, we give them advise on the preparation and presentation of requests of Letters of Credit.

Our services include the withdrawal and assignment of documents required by the customs and fiscal Argentine authorities.

We also provide a tracking service in foreign currency clearances.

We issue all the professional certifications required under the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic regulations, regarding, current accounts, delays in the income of foreign currencies, and uncollectible declarations.


Insurance Contracts

Trade Baires International S.A. has signed agreements with important international insurance companies, being in a position to offer the best risk covers for importation and exportation transport.

We perform an integral tracking of the loading and give an efficient service in average adjustments.

Our customers benefit from the best market fees for importation and exportation insurance.

We issue a professional average report, both in merchandise defects and also in those occurred during the transportation or permanence in fiscal deposits. Our company is the only one offering this service in the argentine market, having the possibility of representing foreign exporters in the delivery of the load ex quay.


Forwarding Services

Trade Baires International S.A. as a cargo agent has accumulated a great experience as to offer to its customers the best service and the lowest fees in air, maritime and land traffic.

As an IATA agent, we have specialized in valuable and/or dangerous cargoes, counting on a highly qualified department in that area, including the handling of secret and armament materials.

We only hire import services from our own agents, which assures a full control of the cargo from its origin up to its arrival, and the immediate withdrawal of all the documents necessary for the merchandise clearance at the Customs Office.

Our company has the Control Instutes legal authorization to embark all kind of goods by air, including those of a restricted nature.

We have our own staff at Ezeiza International Airport, which allows the reception and embarkment, at any time.

We offer the following services:

• Cargo Coordination
• Container loading in and out the port area
• Import Cargo Consolidation abroad
• Container transfer from and to the terminal
• Issue of all the necessary documents as airway bills and bills of lading.
• Cargo reception and transfer from port or airport to fiscal warehouses,
• Deconsolidation and re-packaging of the merchandises
• Free Zone services (Argentina and Uruguay)
• Restricted and Dangerous Cargoes Handling
• Handling of term cargoes or heavy packages
• Domestic Transits also to Bolivia

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